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Dear Sir,

We want to buy GPS Module and Software.

Please let us know what service can you provide & also
the price, along with what kind of gps devices can be
provided by you and at what minimum quantity.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Chandan Kalia ..
Posted on : 02-Dec-2022
Posted From : India

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Dear Sir,

We required Touch Panel Control DC 20V 10A Charger.

Model : SYE-TCCD20-10
Touch Panel Control DC 13V 300A Discharger
Including control software which can be used for
item 1 and item 2.
Model : SYE-TCHD13-300

Kindly send us your best prices.

Thank You.

Contact: Mr. Ja ..
Posted on : 28-Sep-2022
Posted From : Philippines

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To Buy OBDII Cables

Dear Sir,

We want to buy OBDII Cables in production quantity.

Please contact us asap.

Thank you.

Contact: Ms. Sunitha Barkoor
Company: Global Edge Software Pvt Ltd. ..
Posted on : 22-Aug-2022
Posted From : India

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Dear Sir /Mam,

We need diapers software Nappies.
Kindly send us your best prices.

Thank you.

Contact: Mrs. Nadinekabemba ..
Posted on : 06-Jan-2022
Posted From : Congo

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Dear Sir / Mam,

We need to produce some Android Mobiles as our
company brand. We want to launch our new brands
mobiles in markeet. We are founding a manufacturing
company of android mobile phones who can complete
our requirements.

We need some new technology phones as our
demand. W ..
Posted on : 31-May-2021
Posted From : Pakistan

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