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[To Buy] Vitamins

Dear Sir,

Our requirement for feed grade Vitamins in powder
form is as follows :

1. Vitamin A cetate powder (feed grade)
quantity :120kg

2. Vitamin d3 powder (feed grade)
Quantity : 60kg
Activity : 1.5 miu

3. Vitamin E Powder (feed grade)
Quantity : 104 Kg

4. Vitamin k pow ..
Egypt 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Latex Chips

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a source of supply of Latex Chip in
20'FCL loads to Durban South Africa.

Please contact us directly and we will send an image of
the approximate chip size. We are looking for (we
require chips - not crumbs).

Please let us know by e-mail if you are able t ..
South Africa 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Wheat

Dear sir,

We are looking for purchase of Wheat.
Origin : Ukraine, India, Pakistan and Canada
Price : C&F Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Protein : 12%

Thank you.

Contact: Bonanza ..
Bangladesh 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Copper Cathodes

Dear Sir,

We have demand for Copper Cathode. We need it in
time for the right price. Hope you can contact us
through email or phone.


Contact: Mr. Ibrahim ..
Saudi Arabia 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Zinc Ingots

Dear Sir,

We have a requirement for Zinc Ingots.
Qty : 20 tons.
We need quotations in USD or Euro, C&F Yangon basis.

Thank you.

Contact: Aung Pe Than ..
Myanmar 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Coconut Shell Ice Cream

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are planing to make new coconut ice cream in
Coconut Shell package.

1) Could you please send me a price for:
3000 pic
5000 pic
10000 pic

Also, please send sizes which you have, Approximate
delivery cost and time, Certificates for selling your
products in Euro ..
Finland 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Copper Ores

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Copper Ore From Africa.
We need large quantity.

To send LOI, you need provide Assay Report / pictures
/ videos with actual data.


Contact: Castigo Colaco Meque
Company : Ibromire S.A. ..
Mozambique 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Alfalfa

Dear Sir,

We are looking for suppliers for Alfalfa.

We want to know whether you have it available and if
so, how much it would cost. Also, we would like to
inquire about the extended warranty and credit
payment options.

Please revert with all relevant information, options, and
s ..
Iran 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Liquefied Petroleum Products (LPG)

Dear Sir,

We want to buy Liquefied Petroleum Products.
Please contact us for the further details & discussion.

Best Regards.

Contact: Mr. Hamed ..
Iran 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Frozen Chicken

Dear Sir,

We are looking forward to buy Whole frozen Halal

Qty : 4 containers per month.
Delivery port is Kuwait.
Please provide price per Ton and other related information.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Marina ..
Cyprus 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Moong

Dear Sir,

We deal in Moong, Chick Peas, Kidney Beans raw materials.

please contact us so as to proceed ahead.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Sagar Aggarwal ..
India 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Gold Bars

Dear Sir,

We have demand for Gold Bullion in Bars between
30 kg up to 1500 kg.

The terms of purchase are in CIF refinery in Dubai and
the United States of America. We do not give bank
guarantees or money advances under any circumstances.

If you have offers under the previous terms ..
Mexico 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Platinum Bars

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Platinum bars in Africa.
We need 50/200 Kg per month.
Please feel free to contact us for any queries.
We need real sellers.


Contact: Colaco Meque
Company : Ibromire S.A. ..
Mozambique 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Sticky Rice

Dear Sir,

We need to procure Sticky Rice for Thailand and
Korean Restaurant. It must equal to GRM sticky rice
which is available in India.

Can you provide it?
If yes, please get back ASAP.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Marish
Company: M T S Exporters ..
India 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Tantalite

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Tantalite in Mozambique or South
We need 20/40 tons per month.
Please feel free to contact us for any queries.
We need real sellers.


Contact: Colaco Meque
Company : Ibromire S.A. ..
Mozambique 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Basa Fishes

Dear Sir,

We require Basa fish fillet only from Vietnam.
2pc/3pc per kg, White meat,
fully trimmed , 40, 30, 20 % glazing

Kindly contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Madhur Narahari
Company: Gazelle Thailand Ltd ..
India 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Cocoa Beans

Dear Sir,

We want to purchase
Main Crop quality - 100 Bean Count
Moisture : 07.5%
Quantity - 100 MT

Please send us your best quotes and offers.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Eric Nkanda ..
Tanzania 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Multi Grain Thresher

Dear Sir,

We need a Multi Grain Thresher for dry beans, sorghum
and maize powerd by a 50hp tractor. The output
capacity to be about 1000kg to 2000kg per hour with
grain winnowing capability.

Our Port is Durban.
Please send us full technical information, pictures and
working video ..
Lesotho 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Calrias Seed (Catfish)

Dear Sir,

We want to buy Baby Catfish, Catfish Calrias Seed 50000.
Please let us know if you can provide it.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Akmal ..
Pakistan 12-Oct-2018  
[To Buy] Fish Meal

Dear Sir,

We want to regularly buy big quantity Fishmeal.

Protein 68% min . FFA 7.5 % min .
TVN 100 Max . Histamine 500 Max
Moisture 10% Max . Fat 10% Max.
Sand and Salt 3% Max.
Sand alone 1% Max
Fish Type: Anchovy, Sardine
Protein Containment: Protein 62 % min
Bu ..
Bangladesh 12-Oct-2018  
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