To Buy EN590 (Diesel)

Dear Sir,

We have a valid serious buyer from China, Malaysia who
is willing to import Diesel EN590 10 PPM from Venezuela
in CIF basis. Buyer wants to import Diesel EN590 10
PPM from Venezuela qty 500000 Mt per month,
100000 Mt per month and 200000 Mt per month.
Total 12 month contract each buyer. If you or your
company have that qty Diesel EN590 10 PPM to supply
available, please give us the Refinery mandate letter.
Then we can quickly proceed for import. All of buyer
are ready to given order and they have fund for given
LC from Bank. If you/your company are a real
seller/supplier then you can proceed, otherwise we do
not agree to waste our time for correspondence.

All of buyer procedure are given bellow :

1. Buyer issues an official ICPO with full buyer banking
details & buyer company Registration Certificate.
2. Seller issues Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) for
Buyer to sign and return to Seller within three (5)
working days.
3. Buyer signs and returns the contract along with the
completed NCNDA / IMFPA completed by all agents and
4. Seller Issues to Buyer the following Partial Proof of
Product (PPOP)documents:
A) Confirmation / Commitment Letter to Supply
B) Statement of Availability of The Product
C) Product Passport Analysis report
D) Company Certificate of Incorporation
E) Product Certificate of Origin
F) Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate
5. Seller appoints and signs Charter Party Agreement
(CPA) with the Shipping Company for the
transportation of the products from loading port to
Buyers nominated discharge port. Allocation fee and
CPA charges will be borne by seller.

6. Buyers Bank SWIFT DLC MT700 to Sellers nominated
Bank account co-ordinates for first month shipment
within seven (7) working days according to Sellers Bank
and Seller?s Bank immediately issue to Buyers Bank via
Swift the 2%PB along with full set of proof of product
(POP) documents as listed below; If buyer fails to issue
the DLC within seven days, buyer shall make a security
guarantee deposit via swift wire transfer to sellers
designated bank account for seller to immediately
commence shipment and the guarantee payment shall
be deducted from the total value of product.
(a) Certificate of Origin
(b) Refinery License to Export
c. Product Passport (Analysis Result)
(d) Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
(e) Bill of Lading
(f) Vessel's Q88
(g) SGS Quality & Quantity analytical report
(h) ACT of Transfer in Buyers name
(i) Authorization to Sell and Collect (ATSC)
7. Upon Buyer Receipt of the Above Proof of Product
and Shipment Documents, delivery commences to the
buyers discharge port, and buyer performs quantity
and quality test analysis at his port of discharge, and
upon a successful SGS result.
8. Buyer pays for the total product value via TT/MT103
to seller nominated bank at sight of the goods after
SGS/CIQ inspection at discharge port while the seller
pays all the agents and intermediaries according to the
signed NCNDA/ IMFPA.

Best Regards.

Contact: Mr. Mahabub Hossain
Company: Surma Gas Trading
Posted on : 20-May-2024
Posted From : Bangladesh
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