To Buy Buffalo Meat

Dear Sir,

We would like to receive quotations for the following :

1. Brown Eggs.
Quantity: 03 Containers 40 Feet
Specification: Brown Large/ Jumbo 60-70 Size
Packing : 12 Trays with 30 Eggs per Tray

2. Chicken Meat
Quantity: 05 Containers 40 Feet
Specification: with Skin & Without Giblets
Packing : 10 KG Carton with 6 Whole Chicken packed with Individual PP Packing on each

3. Buffalo Meat
Quantity: 04 Containers 40 Feet
Specification: Freshly Slaughtered with Live Animal
Weight upto 450 KG
Packing : 20 KG Carton for Boneless and 4 Whole Cuts
Wrapped for Carcass

Country of Origin: Anywhere in the World
Destination : Jebel Ali Port
Payment Terms: To be discussed with supplier.

Please get back to us ASAP.


Contact: Mr. Abhishek Dutta
Company: Nice Trading
Posted on : 26-Nov-2021
Posted From : United Arab Emirates
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