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[To Buy] Gypsum Board

Dear Sir,

We request you to kindly send us your quotations for
Gypsum Board along with FOB & CIF Prices.

Size: 1.22 M*2.44 M*7 MM & 1.22 M*2.44 M*12 MM
Destination: QATAR PORT
Container size: 20 ft

Please send us your best price.
Your kindness will be appreciated.

Thanks & B ..
Qatar 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Tuna

Dear Sir / Madam,

We hereby request quotations of easy open Canned
Tuna Fish Chunk in vegetable oil, 160gr. (65%drained
weight, chunk) oil, water) - quantity 50000 carton,
carton of 48 cans

Payment terms and conditions (we intend to pay via LC
from ABC London Bank)
Photos of the pro ..
Qatar 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Pulp (Virgin Pulp)

Dear Sir,

We are interested to buy Pulp on regular base for
product of News Print, White Paper, Kraft Paper and
Color Paper.

Kindly send us your best prices.

Thank You.

Contact: Mr. Ziaul Hoque ..
Bangladesh 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Saree

Dear Sir,

We need all Saree and Chuddi collections in bulk
at wholesale rate.

Please send us your product catalog, details & prices.

Thanks & Regards.

Contact: Ms. Deepa ..
India 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Patches

Dear Sir,

We want 3d PVC, Rubber, Silicon Patches as well as
Bc patches with velcro.

Kindly send us your sample work and contact us for
further communication.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Kanwalpreet Singh ..
India 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Fruits & Vegetables

Dear Sir,

We would like to know do you have supply of Fruits
and Vegetables?.

We hope you have because we need suppliers for same.

Thank you.

Contact: Dhescirie Leal ..
Philippines 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] LG 42-44 Chrome Concentrate

Dear Sir,

We have a stable demand as follows:

1. 5000 tons LG Chrome Concentrate 42-44 from
South Africa for plant selection, it'll be better if
provide analyze report of size.

2. 5000-10000 tons Chrome Concentrate 40-42 from
South Africa for metallurgy.

Please contact us if you ..
China 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Coconut Shell Charcoal

Dear Sir,

We are buying Coconut Shell Charcoal for years, more
than 1,000 MT/month from Thailand, India, Malaysia,
Indonesia and Philippines. Now we are looking for new
suppliers to buy more goods.

Please quote the best price for the following:

Fixed carbon : min 70%
Moisture ..
China 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Timber Product

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to get your offer for Pine Timber:
(white wood Pine, air dry timber, humidity 25-30%
with anti stain treatment,

Quality: AB grade, without wanes, mold, fungus,
coloration, no black dead knot, no stain, wormhole,
bent, full square edges

Price : C&F to ..
Turkey 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Medical Supplies

Dear Sir / Mam,

We would like to know about your Medical Products.
Can we have a list of your products, so that we can
review your products that we can purchase.


Contact: Mr. Conrado S. Lazo ..
Philippines 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Cane Juices

Dear Sir,

We would like to know do you have Cane Juices
that can be bottled and ship frozen ?

If yes, kindly send us all the related details.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Haman Dowlatram ..
Canada 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Green Coconut Water

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Green Coconut Water with nothing
added. We would like to add our company name on
the bottle and shipped frozen.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Haman Dowlatram ..
Canada 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Raw Cocoa Beans

Dear Sir,

We request you to please send us a price quote of
Cocoa Beans.

If the prices are good with our management, we will go
through the deal right away. Secondly, we want to
know the origin of beans is it from Ghana? And we
need cocoa beans sample.

We are looking at a long-ter ..
Pakistan 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Construction Machinery

Dear Sir,

We are importers of Used Heavy Construction Machines.
We want to talk to you about machinery. Please reply
so that we may contact you and talk to you in detail.

We will wait for your reply.


contact: Mr. Zaheer Uddin ..
Pakistan 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Urea

Dear Sir,

We have a adblue factory in Brazil and need to buy
Urea, automotive grade.

Can you help me?
If yes, please get in touch with us ASAP.

Best Regards.

Contact: Mr. John Masiero ..
Brazil 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Fruit Juices

Dear Sir,

We wish to import Fruit Juices from South Korea
especially T Best brand name.

Kindly send us your prices, terms & conditions.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. Waseem Uddin ..
Pakistan 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Chemicals

Dear Sir,

We wish to get prices of each of the following items :

1. Methanol -Kg- CHIMEC Methylic Alcohol (Note 3) 50wt%
2. Alum-Kg- CHIMEC 5763 48 Wt%
3. NaOH-Ton-CHIMEC Caustic Soda sol. 50%
4. NaOCl-Ton-CHIMEC 7560 12 Wt%
5. H2SO4-Ton-CHIMEC Sulphuric Acid 98 Wt%
6. FeCl3-Ton-CH ..
Pakistan 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Figurines

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying glass and other items like
Figurines and anything in bulk lots.

Please email us anytime along with products.


Contact: June Murphy ..
Australia 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Aji No Takara

Dear Sir,

We need suppliers for Aji No Takara.
Please let us know if you can provide it.

Thank you.

Contact: Vincent ..
Malaysia 15-Sep-2017  
[To Buy] Charcoal

Dear Sir,

We require Charcoal in cubes size. We need the price
on fob and packing details also production capacity.

If we are allowed to visit your off factory it shall be
much appreciated. We need your reply soon.


Contact: Beverly Espejo ..
Philippines 15-Sep-2017  
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