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 Buyers / Importers  of Poultry

Total 362
Date Posted  Buy Requirement Country Select
[To Buy] Poultry Products

Dear Sir,

We require large volume monthly of Chicken Paws,
Chicken Feet, Whole Chicken, Drum Sticks and 2 Joint
Wings, Mid Wings, Wing Tips t ..
[To Buy] Eggs

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are looking for Eggs from Pakistan.
12 Trays * 30 Eggs
360pcs / Cartons
Size: 53Gms 63Gms

Please send your offers.
United Arab Emirates  
[To Buy] Fresh Chiken Table Eggs

Dear Sir,

We are looking for suppliers for Brown Table Eggs.
We need at least 1200 trays a week for the beginning
as sample and are looking fo ..
Cote D'Ivoire  
[To Buy] Halal Chicken etc.

Dear Sir,

We are looking for following :

1. Frozen Halal Chicken
2000 MT to Jeddah Islamic Port.

2. Basmati 1121 and Golden 1140 steame ..
[To Buy] Mutton

Dear Sir,

We have a requirement for Mutton and are looking for
suppliers. We would like to know how much it will cost
per 1 kg together with ..
United Arab Emirates  
[To Buy] Chilled Meat

Dear Sir,

We are looking forward to import Chilled Meat Of Sheep
& Goat from Ethiopian with halal slaughtered houses by air.

Please advice. ..
Saudi Arabia  
[To Buy] Beef Meat & Mutton Meat

Dear Sir,

We are looking for a good and regular supplier who can
supply Beef and Mutton on regular basis.
Style : Frozen
Part ..
[To Buy] Kadaknath Hen

Dear Sir,

We want to buy Kadaknath Hen, 1200 gram.
Qty : 100 hen
Please feel free to contact us for any queries.

Thank you.

Contact: Mr. ..
[To Buy] Mutton Offals

Dear Sir,

We are big buyer of Mutton Offals like Brain, Kidney,
Testis and Heart etc.

Please contact us if you deal in these.

Thank you. ..
[To Buy] Chicken Eggs

Dear Sir,

We need Chicken Eggs in bulk quantity.
Please send us details for the same.

Thanks & Regards.

Contact: Mr. Mian Shahid Nadeem ..
[To Buy] Logs

Dear Sir,

We need to purchase Logs which are suitable for
making Wood Shavings for Chicken Houses (Poultry).

Please advise.

Thank you.
[To Buy] Eggs

Dear Sir,

We want to venture in the business of Eggs. We heard
that there are good cheap eggs in Uganda, hence we
are looking forward to find ..
[To Buy] Eggs

Dear Sir,

We are making an enquiry if you can supply us with
500 crates of Eggs with pay on delivery.

Looking forward to hearing from you s ..
[To Buy] Frozen Chicken Wings

Dear Sir,

We are looking for 270 MT of Frozen Chicken Mid Joint
Wing CIF China. Our target price is USD 2030/MT Spot

Please reply ..
United States  
[To Buy] Chicken Feet

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Chicken Feet in FCL in big quantities.
Please send us your best offer with full details ASAP.

Best Regards.
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