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 Buyers / Importers  of Petroleum

Total 734
Date Posted  Buy Requirement Country Select
[To Buy] Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).
Qty: 1000000 MT per year.
The contract for five years, CIF China.

Please send us ..
[To Buy] Bitumen

Dear Sir,

We need Bitumen to import to Ethiopia.

Would you please contact us along with
all the details?


Contact: Mr. Sophoni ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We need JP54 (Aviation Jet Fuel).

First lift: 500,000 up 1,000,000 barrels
Followed by: 2,000,000 up 5,000,000 barrels
per mont ..
United States  
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We are looking for the following Russian Petroleum
Products on CIF ASWP basis :

1. JP54: 1 m per month
2. D2: 100,000 per month ..
[To Buy] Urea N46

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Urea N46 (Granular).

We shall appreciate if you can provide us the following

1. Price per M/T ..
South Africa  
[To Buy] Omani Light Crude Oil

Dear Sir,

We are looking for end sellers for Omani Light Crude Oil.

Quantity : 6 Million Barrels
Contract : Monthly for 1 Year
Delivery : FO ..
United Arab Emirates  
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (D6)

Dear Sir,

We are in need of five million gallons of Diesel6 / D6
monthly for 24 months.

Please send us your best price along with your terms ..
United States  
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We were wondering if you could please send us SCO
(Soft Corporate Offer) for Petroleum Products you
currently have available to off ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (D6)

Dear Sir,

We have a demand for Virgin Oil D6.

Please send us Soft Corporate Offer
with Procedure DIP & PAY.

We await your earliest reply ..
[To Buy] Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Dear Sir,

We have a demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

We require truck transport of LNG, loading at Far East
port, transport to Dongni ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying following Petroleum Products:

1. JP-54 and Jet A
2. D-2 and D-6
3. Mazut
4. BLCO and LCO
5. LNG and ..
United Arab Emirates  
[To Buy] Barium petroleum Sulphonate

Dear Sir / Madam,

We'd like to buy Barium Petroleum Sulphonate
on urgent basis:

Incoterms: CIF Abu Dhabi
Quantity: 25,000 Litres (each mont ..
[To Buy] Bonny Light Crude Oil

Dear Sir,

We are seeking to purchase Bonny light Crude Oil.

Specifications :
Quantity: 4 million barrels of BLCO per month.
Initial Contra ..
South Africa  
[To Buy] Barium Petrolem Sulphonate

Dear Sir,

We seek a plant that produces Barium Petroleum

if you do or you know a plant that does, please
inform us ASAP.

Be ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (AGO)

Dear Sir,

We are in an urgent need for AGO.
Please feel free to contact us for any queries.


Contact: Mr. Joe Tetro ..
United States  
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