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 Buyers / Importers  of Petroleum

Total 638
Date Posted  Buy Requirement Country Select
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (JP54)

Dear Sir,

We would like to know can you supply JP54 petroleum.
We need JP54 from legitimate sellers.
Please feel free to contact us for any que ..
South Africa  
[To Buy] Fuel Oil & Light Diesel Oil

Dear Sir,

We are importers of Fuel Oil, Furnace Oil and Light
Diesel Oil. Our current requirement is 30 MT per month.

We seek reliable suppl ..
[To Buy] Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Dear Sir,

We are in need of 15000 to 2000 MT LPG
( Liquefied Petroleum Gas ) to use in their plant for
domestic use purpose. This is a open t ..
[To Buy] Kerosene

Dear Sir,

We would like to deal with your company to buy Kerosene.
Please send us price per tons with specifications.
Waiting for your reply. ..
[To Buy] Crude Oil

Dear Sir,

We have demand for Crude Oil, origin Iran.

Estimate need 3.000.000 barrels per month

Can you provide it?
Please let us know pri ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir / Mam,

We are looking for reliable suppliers for JP54 & D6
Rotterdam or Houston port.

Preferred procedure for transaction :
Proce ..
[To Buy] Aromatic & Industrial Composite Solvent

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Low Aromatic Solvent & Industrial
composite Solvents. Also we would like to buy Fuel Oil.

We need regular suppl ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (JP-54)

Dear Sir,

We are looking for SPOT deal for JP-54 FOB Rotterdam

Quantity 2 million bbl (SPOT)
Target price $12/$10

We wants CI , ATSC to ..
[To Buy] Fuel Oils

Dear Sir,

We are looking for Low Aromatic Solvent & Industrial
composite Solvents. Also we would like to buy Fuel Oil.

We need regular suppl ..
[To Buy] Gas Oil, Fuel Oils & Naphtha

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are looking for Gas Oils, all types 10PPM / 500PPM
/ 5000PPM for our buyers n FOB UAE ports. Local LC
can be issued. It ..
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (D6 Fuel)

Dear Sir,

We have a requirement for D6 Fuel.

If you are a D6 fuel supplier our company want
to talk because we want to buy it immediately.
United States  
[To Buy] Petroleum Products (A1JP)

Dear Sir,

We would like to get quotations for A1JP (JP54) for
quantity of 100,000 ton with payment and delivery

Please revert along ..
Saudi Arabia  
[To Buy] Diesel

Dear Sir,

We are importer and distributor of oil products and are
interested in purchasing Diesel through auto ports in

Would ..
[To Buy] Crude Oils

Dear Sir,

We want to procure the following Petroleum commodities:
Crude - 1,000,000 barrels per month
Gas 90 - 100,000 barrels per month
Gas 8 ..
United States  
[To Buy] Petroleum Products

Dear Sir,

We are interested in buying Gasoil, Base Oil and JP54.

Please advise your correct procedures and all product
details with analysis ..
United Arab Emirates  
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